F&S Bondtec Wire Bonders

F&S Bondtec Austria serves the desktop equipment segment and supplies the most complete program worldwide for bonding and testing equipment. Only F&S Bondtec Austria can offer you a secure investment into the future: our Desktop-Micro-Factory which provides all wire bond processes and, in addition, all test methods in a single desktop machine base.

Series 53 Wire Bonders

Series 53 The Development Machine

– Complete, Manual Table-Top Bonder

– Unbeatable Price to Performance Ratio

– Extremely adaptable bond settings, loop shapes, force and power profiles etc

 – Dual Wire Clamp system for reproduceable loop and tails



Series 56 Wire Bonders

Series 56 Desktop Micro Factory
– Unbeatable Flexibility
– Changeable Bondheads for all Wire Bond and Testing process
– Fully automatic Bonding process with manual part feeding
– Store Unlimited number of Bond Programs