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  • Precision shear testing and Cold Bump Pull (CBP)
  • Big bump removal to prepare for wafer probing
  • Bump sizes down to 20µm
  • Available with or without wafer handler (EFEM)
  • XY mapping coordinates key in function
  • Grading run functionality
  • Up to 4 USB Tweezers in 1 RMU
  • Easy positioning, alignment
  • High resolution cameras with high and low magnifications
  • Fastest throughput of wafer bump testing in the world
  • 500mm X-stage and 370mm Y-stage, throat depth 400mm
  • Integrated report editor and flexible data export
  • Reach 100% of the 300mm wafer without repositioning the wafer on the chuck
  • Blower and vacuum tool cleaning unit
  • Wafer chuck with safety interlocks and 360 degree rotation
  • Wafer carrier mechanically locked when vacuum is turned on
  • Complies with JEDEC JESD22-B117A, JEDEC JESD22-B115, JEITA EIAJ ET-7407 and IPC-9708 standards
  • Also suitable for 200mm (8 inch) and other wafer sizes
  • 24 bit ADC resolution, 10kHz sampling frequency
  • Compatible with Revolving Measurement Unit (RMU) and single heads
  • SECS/GEM protocol
  • Wafer pusher to test warped wafers
  • Unparallelled 0.075% accuracy


Revolving Measurement Unit (RMU)

  • Unique multiple load cell cartridge (RMU)
  • User can choose up to 6 sensors in any combination: multiple test types, tools and spare sensors, including up to 6 USB Tweezers and rotation
  • Up to 200kgf shear, push and pull
  • Intelligent parking options
  • Deep Access capability
  • Integrated lighting options
  • Configurable with multiple tweezers solutions
  • Single heads and RMU share the same test point
  • If one sensor is down, the others still work – Lowest Cost of Ownership
  • Quick take off
  • Unparalleled 0.075% accuracy


  • Eliminate human error with game-changing automation capabilities


Nano-precise shear height control

  • The nano control shear sensor has a unique drive with a closed control loop within the shear sensor body. It improves the accuracy and stability of the shear height with a precision of 200 nm when testing critical applications such as wafer-level, coating, and lead frames.


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