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F & S Bondtec Wire Bonders were founded in 1994 and have accumulated more than 20 patents and numerous awards. With hundreds of installed bases, the results are clear for all to see. Our machines range from Manual to Fully Automatic to suit a wide range of Applications.

Desktop Micro Factory

  • 1000 to 10,000 Wire Bonds per day
  • High Mix/Medium Volume, frequent product changes at medium lot sizes
  • Fully automatic production with perfect wire bond quality
  • Extendable to a fully automatic bond tester
  • All wire bond Technologies on one basic machine


The Solution

  • Unbeatable flexibility
  • Changeable bond heads for all wire bond and testing process
  • Fully automatic bonding with manual part feeding
  • Store an unlimited number of bond programs
  • Extremely adaptable bond settings, loop shapes, force and power profiles etc
  • Most powerful pattern recognition system on the market
  • Innovative and intuitive programmable software 6 in 1

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