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VS160 UG

Budatec GmbH produces equipment for the semiconductor and photovoltaic industries and is located in Berlin. Our main business areas are thermal systems and electronic manufacturing products. Our focus is on vacuum soldering systems, ranging from small Batch installations to fully automated production systems. We have more than 20 years experience in this area. Our vacuum soldering systems are developed and built at our Berlin site and are distributed world wide. Budatec GmbH is one of the technological market leaders in this segment, especially around the use of hydrogen and plasma gases.


  • Vacuum soldering process up to 450°C for void-free application and flux-free application!
  • Vacuum is used for gas exchange during the process! (inert gas, reducing gases, oxidation gases and cleaning gases)
  • Vacuum is used to eliminate gas bubbles (voids) during the liquid phase of the solder alloy!
  • Defined low-pressure rates or defined gases can be used during „sealing “of electronic circuit housings!

Technical Data:

Plate size: 160mm x 160mm
max. substrate height: 50mm
max. solder temperature: 450°C
Heat up / cool down: max. 3 K/s
max. load: 2.5 kg
Posible process gases: N2; N2H2 95/5%
Power supply: 400V / 16A
Cooling water: 10 slm
Weight: ~ 80 kg




Absolute pressure management
Rotary vane pump with accessory
Datalogging software
Frame for gas inlet and pump adaptation
Formic acid gas line with bubbler


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